Green Tips

Green Tips

December 2018

My role

Full-stack developer

My teammates

Théodore Morio

Project manager

Bryan Chung

UX/UI designer

Loris Marino

Front-end developer

Florian DurandWebsiteWebsite

Back-end developer

The project

This is a school project on WordPress about the environment. Our team had the idea to develop a blog dedicated to Twitter-like tips and articles about the environment.

In particular, they are tweet-like post for quick tips, and standard articles for more specific tips.

Théodore led the project with his ideas about which features we need. He also assisted Bryan in UX/UI design.

Loris integrated the sketches and Florian is used to develop with WordPress, so we let him all the back-end.

Everytime before Florian retrieves Loris' integration, I had to reorganize with components. Then, I worked between front-end and back-end by fetching data in JavaScript.

The tools




ES6 JavaScript