Mars Journey

Mars Journey

December 2017

My role

Lead developer

My teammates

Alexandre Godde

Project manager & designer

Julien BretecherWebsiteWebsiteTwitterTwitterDribbbleDribbble

Lead designer

Justine Di Meo

UX developer

Amélie Grosjean

UI developer

The project

I worked on this project with comrades for a 5-days front-end development project. Our team decided to explain how a space trip works on this website.

Alexandre led the project. He decided which data are displayed and he designed alongside Julien about UX and UI.

As the lead developer, I mainly integrated the sketch and I built a mini staircase-like slider framework. Also, I managed the front-end boilerplate.

Justine managed UX by playing 3D musics and sounds with Howler.js library and Amélie added UI experience with parallax.

The tools



ES6 JavaScript